UGG Footwear For The Outdoor Man

UGG Footwear For The Outdoor Man

Whether you work outdoors or just like the outdoor lifestyle, the right footwear is essential, and modern solutions open the door to fashionable styles that don’t compromise on safety. Before the turn of the century, protective footwear was bulky and very uncomfortable to wear, yet it was accepted that fashion has no place in this field. Today’s range of protective footwear is indeed a breath of fresh air, and with a wide range of styles and colours, the outdoor man now has a level of comfort and fashion, as well as the essential protection that comes with the territory.

Slip-on solutions

Many outdoor workers must regularly take off their boots, especially if the work involves both interior and exterior environments, and the tedious repetition of taking off and putting back on a pair of lace-up boots is a thing of the past, with modern slip-on work boots that offer the same protection as lace-ups, but are easy to remove.


This timeless style has always been popular, as they offer a level of comfort that traditional boots cannot match, but despite their comfort, sports style shoes were not suitable as protective wear. Not so with modern trainers, as the style has been incorporated into the safety field, with steel toecaps and non-slip soles that offer the same level of protection as traditional working boots. This style is very popular as the level of comfort is high, and that is essential if you are wearing them for the entire working day.

Essential ankle support

King Gee boots are perhaps the most popular brand in Australia, and the range of working footwear is indeed varied. With a choice of leather or suede, their boots are durable and comfortable to wear, and if fashion is important to you, look no further than their comprehensive range of protective footwear.

Comfort Vs Protection

This has always been a trade-off, and more protection means less comfort, which is hardly ideal. Steel toe-capped boots are not supposed to be comfortable, or so we thought, yet modern styles offer the comfort levels of a pair of slippers, without compromising on the essential safety aspects that protective footwear must include.


Excessive sweating

This has always been a downside of working boots, yet modern linings ensure that you can work for many hours without suffering from sweaty feet, which was a common issue among working men. Our feet need to breathe, especially when wearing protective boots, and if excess sweating occurs, it can cause problems that require treatment. The most common complaint from outdoor workers used to be excessive sweating, so it is refreshing to know there are solutions today that make this a thing of the past.

Looking good

Men have had to compromise on fashion when it comes to work boots, and it has long been accepted as part and parcel of protective footwear. Modern styles offer fashionable alternatives without compromising on safety, and with the added comfort, wearing work boots can be a pleasant experience, even after a long shift.

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